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Versions 3.x

Release Notes For Ansible CVP 3.x


Documentation for 3.x.x branch available here

Supported CloudVision version

  • On premise version higher than 2021.3.0
  • CloudVision as a Service

Release 3.10.1

Full release note available on github

  • Update documentation with new collection requirements

Release 3.10.0

Full release note available on github

  • Bumped required ansible version

Release 3.9.0

Full release note available on github

  • cv_facts_v3 Raise errors when svcaccount/user is not authorized(#677)
Bug fixes
  • cv_device_v3 Reconciled configlets are not treated specially(#667)
  • “How to” section moved under “Module documentation”
  • Added Syntax highlighting
  • Minor linting fixes and cleanups
  • Bumped minimum supported CVP version

Release 3.8.0

Full release note available on github

  • cv_device_v3 Add “inventory_mode” to allow ignoring missing devices (#594)
  • cv_facts_v3 Added ‘images’, ‘tasks’ options and containers ‘regexp_filter’ (#632)
Bug fixes
  • cv_tag_v3 Delete assigned tags (#634)
  • Update cv_task_v3 module documentation
  • Remove stale links

Release 3.7.0

Full release note available on github

  • cv_validate_v3 Configlet Validation support (#615)
Bug fixes
  • cv_device_v3 Increment counter when we remove devices (#629)
  • cv_image_v3 Example (#623)
  • cv_configlet_v3 Example (#622)
  • Update links in homepage (#650)

Release 3.6.1

Full release note available on github

Bug fixes
  • cv_container_v3 check_mode error (#584)
  • cv_device_v3 Implement device check mode (#571)
  • cv_device_v3 Device decommission failure scenario (#577)
  • cv_device_v3 Fix check for missing devices (#593)
  • cv_tag_v3 Allow tag assignment to serial numbers (#581)

Release 3.6.0

Full release note available on github

  • cv_container_v3 Add support for image bundles on containers (#550)
Bug fixes
  • cv_facts_v3 Handle stale and empty devices in the inventory having an image bundle of type None (#569)
  • Create advanced MLAG upgrade example (#554)

Release 3.5.1

Full release note available on github

Bug Fixes
  • Bump min cvprac version(#547)
  • Update cvp version support for schedule option(#546)

Release 3.5.0

Full release note available on github


  • cv_device_v3 Implement image bundle on device level(#505)
  • cv_device_v3 Support device decommissioning and device removal from provisioning(#507)
  • dhcp_configuration Request add support for access point provisioning(#527)
  • cv_change_control_v3 Add support for approve/execute/schedule actions(#529)
  • cv_facts_v3 Expose verbose option in cv_facts_v3(#535)

Bug fixes

  • cv_device_v3 Allow all search_by options when assigning and removing image bundles(#541)
  • cv_change_control_v3 Dict key check on CC indexing is broken(#524)
  • cv_facts_v3 Make image bundle name key usage consistent(#513)


  • Enable twitter, edit path, bump material(#543)
  • Added Data model schema documentation(#536)
  • cv_change_control_v3 Detail all options and fix rendering(#528)
  • Added more playbook examples for all modules
  • Modified mkdocs to be inline with AVD site(#497)

Release 3.4.0

Full release note available on github

  • Implement initial module for tags management: arista.cvp.cv_tag_v3
  • Implement initial module for changecontrol management: arista.cvp.cv_change_control_v3
  • Add support for new auth method for on-perm devices
Bug fixes
  • cv_image_v3 Warn if image already exists (#471)
  • cv_container_v3 Fix partial topology removal and container removal
  • cv_device_v3 Fix device lookup to use search_key instead of FQDN always
  • Version 1 of arista.cvp module are now deprecated and will be removed from next release

Release 3.3.0

Full release note available on github

  • Implement phase 1 of arista.cvp.cv_facts_v3 module.
  • Implement initial module for image management: arista.cvp.cv_image_v3
  • Add support for device reset in arista.cvp.cv_device_v3
Bug fixes
  • Add error handling with custom exceptions (#434)
  • cv_container_v3 When a container does not have configlets, has_configlets() returns True
  • cv_device_v3 Fix strict mode not inheriting configlets from containers
  • Version 01 of arista.cvp module are now deprecated and will be removed starting April 2022

Release 3.2.0

  • [cv_device_v3] Add serialNumber support to manage devices. (#374)
Bug fixes
  • [cv_device_v3] Correct format ID in str raising an error (#399)
  • [cv_device_v3] Update format string (#396)

Release 3.1.2

  • Apply python linting warning in import (#385)
  • Remove Molecule from collection build process (#386)

Release 3.1.1

  • Bump: Sync requirement files for ansible version (#382)

Release 3.1.0

Requirements update

cvprac must be upgraded to version 1.0.7 or higher.

pip install --upgrade cvprac>=1.0.7
Fixed issues
  • Fix(cv_configlet_v3): Propagate configlets_notes option to update & create (#372)
  • Fix(dhcp_configuration): Update files permissions (#360)
  • Cv_configlet_v3: update configlet note when the config content is not… (#376)
  • Performance improvements in configlet tools compare functions (#369)
  • Add support for reordering of configlet in cv_device_v3 (#367)
  • Implement default search on Hostname field (#366)

Release 3.0.0

New Features
- name: "Configure devices on {{inventory_hostname}}"
    devices: "{{CVP_DEVICES}}"
- name: "Configure containers on {{inventory_hostname}}"
    topology: "{{CVP_CONTAINERS}}"
- name: Configure configlets
    configlets: "{{CVP_CONFIGLETS}}"
  • New module to manage tasks: cv_task_v3

With this new version of modules, cv_facts is not required anymore and execution should be significally higher than v1 version.


Previous version of modules remain available in the collection and can be used in parallel of all these v3 modules.

  • Add apply_mode feature to cv_container_v3 (#338)
  • Use multiple version of JSON schema to support v1 and v3 in parallel (#325)
  • Add support for apply_mode function (#322)
  • cv_configlet_v3: add delete configlet failure message (#316)

Last update: December 6, 2023