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Create, Delete, or Update CloudVision Portal Configlets.

Module added in version 1.0.0


CloudVison Portal Configlet compares the list of configlets and config in configlets against cvp-facts then adds, deletes, or updates them as appropriate. If a configlet is in cvp_facts but not in configlets it will be deleted. If a configlet is in configlets but not in cvp_facts it will be created. If a configlet is in both configlets and cvp_facts it configuration will be compared and updated with the version in configlets if the two are different.

Module-specific Options

The following options may be specified for this module:

parameter type required default choices comments
configlets dict True List of configlets to managed on CVP server.
configlets_notes str False Managed by Ansible Add a note to the configlets.
cvp_facts dict True Facts extracted from CVP servers using cv_facts module.
configlet_filter list False [‘none’] Filter to apply intended mode on a set of configlet. If not used, then module only uses ADD mode. configlet_filter list configlets that can be modified or deleted based on configlets entries.
filter_mode str False loose
  • loose
  • strict
  • If loose, a match is when a configlet matches a substring of a configlet defined in the filter.
  • If strict, a match is when a configlet exactly matches a configlet defined in the filter.
state str False present
  • present
  • absent
  • If absent, configlets will be removed from CVP if they are not bound to either a container or a device.
  • If present, configlets will be created or updated.
options dict False Implements the ability to create a sub-argument_spec, where the sub options of the top level argument are also validated using the attributes discussed in this section.


- name: Test cv_configlet_v2
  hosts: cvp
  connection: local
  gather_facts: no
      Test_Configlet: "! This is a Very First Testing Configlet\n!"
      Test_DYNAMIC_Configlet: "{{ lookup('file', 'templates/configlet_'+inventory_hostname+'.txt') }}"
    - name: 'Collecting facts from CVP {{inventory_hostname}}.'
        - always
      register: cvp_facts

    - name: 'Create configlets on CVP {{inventory_hostname}}.'
        - provision
        cvp_facts: "{{cvp_facts.ansible_facts}}"
        configlets: "{{configlet_list}}"
        configlets_notes: "Configlet managed by Ansible"
        configlet_filter: ["New", "Test","base-chk","base-firewall"]
      register: cvp_configlet

For a complete list of examples, check them out on our GitHub repository.

Module output

Example output
    changed: true
      deleted: []
      - Test_Configlet: success
      tasks: []
      updated: []
    diff: ''
    failed: false


Ansible Arista Team (@aristanetworks)

Last update: November 21, 2023