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Manage devices

Configure devices on CloudVision

cv_device manage devices on CloudVision:

  • Support Configlets attachment
  • Support Container move during provisioning
  • Support device reset if required

cv_device bases its actions on cv_facts results

The cv_device actions are based on cv_facts results:

  • Use intend approach
  • No declarative action


Full documentation available in module section and a lab is available in the following repository

CloudVison Portal Device compares the list of Devices in devices against cvp-facts then adds, resets, or updates them as appropriate.

  • If a device is in cvp_facts but not in devices it will be reset to factory defaults in ZTP mode
  • If a device is in devices but not in cvp_facts it will be provisioned
  • If a device is in both devices and cvp_facts its configlets and imageBundles will be compared and updated with the version in devices if the two are different.


Device reset means devices will be erased and will run full ZTP process. Use this function with caution !

Input variables
  • Device name.
  • Parent container where to move device.
  • List of configlets to apply to the device.
      name: TEAM01-SPINE1
      parent_container : STAGING
         - TEAM01-SPINE1
      imageBundle: [] # Not yet supported
    name: TEAM02-SPINE1
    parent_container: STAGING
      - TEAM02-SPINE1
    imageBundle: [] # Not yet supporte
Module inputs
Required Inputs
  • cvp_facts: Facts from cv_facts
  • devices: List of devices
  • device_filter: Filter to only target devices as defined in list.
Optional inputs
  • state: Define if module should create(default) or delete devices from CV
- name: "Configure devices on {{inventory_hostname}}"
    devices: "{{CVP_DEVICES}}"
    cvp_facts: '{{CVP_FACTS.ansible_facts}}'
    device_filter: ['TEAM']
    state: present

Module output

cv_device returns :

Generated tasks can be consumed directly by cv_tasks.

    "msg": {
        "changed": true,
        "data": {
            "new": [],
            "reset": [],
            "tasks": [
                    "currentTaskName": "Submit",
                    "description": "Ansible Configlet Update: on Device TEAM01-SPINE1",
                    "note": "",
                    "taskStatus": "ACTIVE",
                    "workOrderDetails": {
                        "ipAddress": "",
                        "netElementHostName": "TEAM01-SPINE1",
                        "netElementId": "0c:1a:c1:ed:98:18",
                        "serialNumber": "6B25F852A3A3036E1ADBB4423F1E62EF",
                        "workOrderDetailsId": "",
                        "workOrderId": ""
                    "workOrderId": "8",
                    "workOrderState": "ACTIVE",
                    "workOrderUserDefinedStatus": "Pending"
            "updated": [
                    "TEAM01-SPINE1": "Configlets-[u'8']"
                    "TEAM01-SPINE1": "Device TEAM01-SPINE1 \
imageBundle cannot be updated - Exception: imageBundle_key \
check: No imageBundle specified"
        "failed": false

Last update: September 19, 2022