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Manage change control

Configure a Change Control on Cloudvision

cv_change_control_v3 manage change controls on CloudVision:

  • Create a new change control
  • Modify/Update an existing change control
  • Delete a change control

Module Options

  • state: Can be one of the following: set, show or remove - state: set: Set Change control - state: show: List Change control - state: remove: Delete Change control
  • change: A dict, with the structure of the change. The change dict is structured as follows:

yaml name: <name of change control> notes: <Any notes that you want to add> stages: - name: <name of stage> mode: <series | parallel> parent: <name of parent stage> activities: - name: <only used internally, "task" for any tasks> task_id: <str - the WorkOrderId of the task to be executed> timeout: <int> stage: <str - the name of the Stage to assign the task to> - name: <only used internally> action: <The name of the action to be done e.g. "Switch Healthcheck"> stage: <The name of the stage to assign the action to> arguments: <list of dicts, each consisting of a name, and value key> - name: <argument name> value: <argument value>


Create a change control

- name: CVP Change Control
  hosts: cv_server
  gather_facts: no
    ansible_command_timeout: 1200
    ansible_connect_timeout: 600
      name: Ansible playbook test change
      notes: Created via playbook
        - action: "Switch Healthcheck"
          name: Switch1_healthcheck
            - name: DeviceID
              value: <device serial number>
          stage: Pre-Checks
        - action: "Switch Healthcheck"
            - name: DeviceID
              value: <device serial number>
          stage: Pre-Checks
        - task_id: "20"
          stage: Leaf1a_upgrade
        - task_id: "22"
          stage: Leaf1b_upgrade
        - name: Pre-Checks
          mode: parallel
        - name: Upgrades
          modes: series
        - name: Leaf1a_upgrade
          parent: Upgrades
        - name: Leaf1b_upgrade
          parent: Upgrades

    - name: "Gather CVP change controls {{inventory_hostname}}"
        state: show
      register: cv_facts

    - name: "Print out all change controls from {{inventory_hostname}}"
        msg: "{{cv_facts}}"

    - name: "Check CC structure"
        msg: "{{change}}"

    - name: "Create a change control on {{inventory_hostname}}"
        state: set
        change: "{{ change }}"

Last update: July 18, 2022